We wish to have as our collaborators (executives, employees, technicians, trainees, intern, freelancers, etc.etc.) exclusively those who share our entrepreneurial vision in soul and in deeds.
We believe this choice to be the essential condition for achieving all together the objectives we decide to pursue.

If you have the same

Study, plan and implement any innovative action that can improve the quality of life on Earth.

Vertiports Enterprise Ltd

you share our

Knowing you don’t know
Apply knowledge
Make our works useful


Project works that guarantee a better future;
Seeing people who are happy to use our project;
Designing innovative shapes and using materials that preserve the environment (air, water, fauna and flora).

and you are attracted by our

Designing eco-sustainable and innovative spaces in cities and rural areas in terms of shapes and materials used, useful for people and goods that need to move quickly and safely using Vtol – Evtol aircraft.

If you like all of this, you are one of ours and you can proceed further.

At the moment we are planning the creation of a completely digital area in metaverse dedicated to Urban Air Mobility.

We are selecting:

Innovation Manager
Head of Metaverse
Network Engineering
Cybersecurity Specialist
Blockchain Specialist
Virtual Reality
Crypto Artist


We are currently offering to young interns or recent graduates the possibility of doing an internship, in London or from a remote location, for following activities:
– Management secretary
– Social Media specialist

The internship is aimed at both students from European Union University/School and from non-European University.

The internship is also aimed at all those who wish to improve their curriculum vitae and learn more about the Urban Air Mobility sector.

For more information write to: