VERTIPORTS Enterprise Ltd

A VERTIPORT is an area of land, water, or structure used or intended to be used for the landing and take-off of VTOL aircraft.

Easa (European Union Aviation Safety Agency)

Advanced Air Mobility is a new era in air travel. The vision of AAM is that of a safe, accessible, automated, and affordable air transportation system for passengers and cargo capable of serving previously hard-to-reach urban and rural locations”


It is exciting to study and work for years to build this new model of urban and rural mobility. People and goods can move easily and safely within cities as in rural areas. That’s why today we have the pleasure and passion to advising, designing, building and managing vertiport.

Riccardo Cacelli, Senior Advisor of Advanced Air Mobility Istitute (Boston), specialist in Urban Air Mobility and Vertiports Enterprise Ltd.