NGA are not your typical architects.
They believe that architecture does not just mean designing buildings, but giving shape to dreams. It’s about bringing every single idea you’ve had to life, turning it into reality with an exquisite blend of craftsmanship, taste and unparalleled talent.

They believe in the power of unique visions and individual aspirations, which is why their designs are tailor-made, uniquely sculpted to reflect the client’s personality and desires.
Every project they undertake is a journey, an exploration into the depths of creativity and imagination and they transform ideas into a distinctive architectural marvel.
Their architecture is timeless, it is not a style that will be considered old in 10 years, just because trends have changed, it is timeless and beautiful.
The team has worked globally for renowned architecture firms in Europe, China and the Middle East.

Davide Balzano has always had a passion for IT, he grew up on bread and Commodore 64, before moving on to the first 486 and Pentium and the first website built way back in 1998.

Programming has always been part of his way of being, from the curiosity that always pushes him to try to understand how certain things work, to the satisfaction of seeing his works created through the writing of “a few” (euphemism) lines of code…

He has a very long experience and is specialized in these sectors: Web Developer, SEO specialist, E-Commerce, Marketing.
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Journalists who write to you are present in various parts of the world (Italy, United Kingdom, USA).

There are numerous columns that concern national (politics, culture, environment, tourism, economy, science, etc.), regional (conaca, events) and international (geopolitics, scenarios, business, investigations) topics.
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